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Let's Talk Turkey...

Posted by Lee Calihan on November 25, 2016 in  Holiday Gossip  Steamboat Realtors  Steamboat Springs  Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I love when the weather gets cold, the snow falls & I adore Thanksgiving Dinner.  Growing up as a family, we always decorated our house for Christmas at Thanksgiving.  I didn't love being on the roof putting up Christmas lights, so I volunteered to make dinner.  I have made Thanksgiving dinner for over 20 years at this point & I LOVE it.  I mostly love making Thanksgiving leftovers into the worlds best sandwich.  Turkey, dressing, cranberry... read more
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I'm rich! Zillow says my home is worth millions...

Why sitting on your computer can be dangerous...
Posted by Lee Calihan on November 18, 2016 in  Steamboat News  Steamboat Realtors  Steamboat Springs  Steamboat Springs Real Estate
Most people want to know how much their home is worth.  Especially in a finally recovering or recovered housing market (depending upon your location), you may be trying to figure out your next step.  The biggest temptation is to jump on Zillow, or Trulia & look at the value and start to spend the pile o cash you see in your home value.   Before you max out any credit cards, pre-spending your newfound wealth, here are the some words of wisdom for determining value.  Most ... read more
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The Election & House Hunting

How Political Change May Affect the Housing Market
Posted by Lee Calihan on November 11, 2016 in  Steamboat Events  Steamboat News
Oh my goodness it’s been an eventful week.  I’ve had several people asking about what the election means to their house hunt.  How will this affect real estate.  Here are some thoughts on the change. Political transitions, or uncertainty of any sort, do usually affect the market.  Markets, like a lot of humans, don’t love change!  You may see some short term swings in terms of stock prices, prices of gold, etc.  In fact, we have already ... read more
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Winter is Coming

Tips to winterize before the snow flies
Posted by Lee Calihan on November 04, 2016 in  Steamboat Events  Steamboat News
The weather is cooling down, frost is on the ground in the morning, and the skies are starting to look like winter is coming.  It’s the perfect time to get your house prepared for winter before the snow flies.  Here are some tips on what to check before snowfall hits!   Windows & Doors put away the screens & insert any storm windows if you have any close the windows & check for any gaps – redo caulking or use weatherstripping for really cold or old windows – rea... read more
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