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Some Facts on Smart Homes
Posted by Lee Calihan on December 30, 2016 in  Smart Homes  Steamboat Realtors  Steamboat Springs  Steamboat Springs Real Estate
Smart homes - sound confusing & super high tech.  Here at Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties, we try to break down what this means & we are helping to define the industry to create some standards of what a "smart home" actually means. A Smart Home is actually just this - “A home that is equipped with products or tools that aid in controlling functions such as temperature, lighting, security, safety, and entertainment either remotely via phone, tablet computer, or with a separate automa... read more
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Smart Homes??

Do I have to learn lots??
Posted by Lee Calihan on December 16, 2016 in  Smart Homes  Steamboat Realtors  Steamboat Springs  Steamboat Springs Real Estate

Get Excited - next week I will be giving you the 411 on all things Smart Homes, but now's the time to sign up and get yourself entered to win a really cool package, retrofitting any home to be brilliant!

Check out the details and stay posted for Smart Home Info next week.

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What do they cover?
Posted by Lee Calihan on December 08, 2016 in  Steamboat News  Steamboat Realtors  Steamboat Springs Real Estate
If you've ever bought a home, you have probably hired an inspector.  How do you know what the inspection covers?  If you hire an inspector that is part of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, you will at least be assured that they are working in a professional manner.  There is a lot for an inspector to cover & they certainly don't and won't catch all potential issues.  Here are some things that you should know!Quick 411 - Link Here!1.1.  A general ... read more
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Thinking of Moving?

Steamboat Springs is Amazing
Posted by Lee Calihan on December 01, 2016 in  Steamboat News  Steamboat Realtors  Steamboat Springs
Are you tired of life in the big city?  Does the daily commute or the 9-5 grind make you want to cry?  Does the post Thanksgiving holiday madness have you feeling a littler overwhelmed?  It might be a good time to move to a smaller town.  A town like Steamboat Springs, is a fantastic small town with some large town with some really great perks.  We have a vibrant all year round economy with some amazing businesses, awesome schools, great free transportation & an amazing library.We also ... read more
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